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Kiyo's Blackwork Freebie Links
Simple... yet Beautiful...

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Blackwork Embroidery ArchivesBrowse Patterns
The Bronwen's Blackwork LibraryLinks on the page
Classic Stitches Free Charts (Log in)
Animals/ A Faithful Companion
Children/ Blackwork Ted
Christmas/ Blackwork Snowflakes
For the Home/ Hitting the Right Note
Greetings/ Happy Anniversary
Greetings/ Reasons to Celebrate
Greetings/Get Well Soon
Sampler/ Blackwork Band Sampler
Sampler/ Classic in Black
Trinkets/ Delicate in Design
Clwyd NeedlecraftsBlackwork Design
Craft CreationsPattern Squares
CyberStitchers.comBlackwork Script
Blackwork motif
Black wrok motf 2
Designs of Joy Free Patterns
Dragonfly StitchesBlackwork Designs
Altoid Tin Designs
Dunmani DesignsLinks on the left
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Historical NeedlecraftsBlackwork Designs 2002
Hoo-Ah DesignsBlackwork Heart
Blackwork Balloons
Valentine Pillow
M'Lady Osanna's NeedleworkBlackwork
The MonkeyWorksBlackwork Snowflake
Moonshadow StitcheryChristmas Cat & Mouse
Needle Delights3 Blackwork Ladies
Needlearts: The Fiber Arts ForumBlackwork Roses
Rainbow Gallery Blackwork Freebies
Steph's String Related StuffBeaded Tree
White Tree
Blackwork Decorated Tree
Needlepoint potted tree
Tom Pudding DesignsFree Charts
With My NeedleTudor Acorns
The World of BlackworkBlackwork Angel