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Kiyo's Cross Stitch Bookmark Freebie Links
booksmarks & small motifs

Bookmarks Cross stitch borders Blackwork borders Small motifs

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2 Busy StitchingHardanger Bookmark
About Cross-StitchBooks are Magic
Library Bookmark
Tulip Bookmark
Wizard's Hat
Agulha de Ouro
Daisy bookmark
Lily Bookmark
Rose Bookmark
Pink Pansy Bookmark
small Blue Flower Bookmark
Blue Flower Bookmark
Purple Flower Bookmark
Tulip Bookmark
Artful ImpressionsSlowly but Surely
B & W Crafts Candlestick
Diagonal Fun
I Love to Read
Bev's Country CottageFeed My Sheep
Halloween Bookmark
I can do all things
Lady Bug
Thanks Teacher
The Caron CollectionSampler Bookmark
Hardanger Bookmark
The Chocolate CatNo Book...
Coats Corrente(Portuguese)Nautical Bookmarks
Craft CreationsIssue 3: Autumn Leaves
Issue 9: Wise Old Owl
Issue 10: Bookworm
Issue 10: Red & Gold
Issue 16 Rapunzel
Issue 17: Quick Stitch (bees)
Issue 22: Poppies
Craft Designs for YouBookmarks
Cross Stitch AddictsSpring Bookmark
Crystal's Cross Stitch PageBook Study
Bible Study
I Love to Read

CyberStitchers.comOz Bookmark
French Bull Dog Bookmark
I Love to Read Bookmark
Book Study Bookmark
Bible Study Bookmark

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Designs of Joy Blackwork Bookmark
Hardanger Bookmark
Oz Bookmark
DMC Creative World Borders
DMC club: Three Fish
DMC club: Bookmark and frame

DMC USAFriendship Bookmark
Dragonfly StitchesBlackworks: Blackwork Bookmarks
Dunmani DesignsBookmarks
Blackwork patterns
Free Patterns OnlineLittle Sayings Accessories: French Flair
Children's Corner: Country Girls
Children's Corner: Little Learner Bookmarks
Children's Corner: Noah's Ark
From the Garden: Nature's Beauty
From My House to Your HouseGod Bless America
USA Flags
Gerry Buckley Cross Stitch DesignBlue Penguin Bookmark
Kookaburra Bookmark
Gilliandrea's Cross StitchFlower Bookmark
Greyhound Manor CraftsHound Bookmarks
Here and AboveReligious Bookmarks
Historic Latta PlantationBookmark
Hoo-Ah DesignsAssissi Love
Hardanger Bookmark
Interweave PressAztec Bookmark
JMD DesignsPainted Canvas Bookmark
Kitty and Me Country Crafts Butterfly Bookmark
KJ DesignsShould I Stitch Bookmark
KreinikFriendship Token Bookmark
Glowing Worm Bookmark
La Chatelaine DesignsThe July 4th Bookmarker
LMc DesignsYou're Special
Spring Weave
Lynne Nicoletti Cross Stitch DesignsCanadian Teddy Bookmark
Martha Beth Lewis's Home PageEasy Whitework Bookmark
Shamrock Bookmark
Mia StitchBookmarks
MichaelsCross Stitch Bookmarks
Mystical Cat StudiosMother Earth Alphabet
Needle NecessitiesElaine's bookplate
The Needle's ContentFA Stitcher's bookmark
Nordic NeedleHardanger Bookmark
Oak Haven DesignsSilver & Gold
One and One
Bookmark (persimmon & chestnut)
Bookmark blackberry
Bookmark clover
Passion Broderiebookmarks
Puk DesignWhite flower bookmark
geometric bookmark
flower border
Rainbow Gallery Butterflies & flowers bookmark
Simple CreationsTo find a beautiful thing
Birdhouse (can be made into a bookmark)
Stitchy KittyLove one another
Tink Boord-Dill NeedleworkBeanie Lover Bookmark
Tom Pudding DesignsCat and Mice
TW DesignworksCeltic Cross
Cross Stitch Borders/Bands
Host SiteFreebie
Agulha de Ouro
Rubber Duckies
Teddy Bears
Sailing Boats
Lion & Blocks
Bear & Blocks
ABC blocks
Killer Whale
Sailing Boats
Yellow Flowers
Blue Flowers
Pink Flowers
Coats Corrente(Portuguese)Pink Flower Border
Flower Borders
Lamb Border
DMC Creative World Borders
Ellen Maurer-StrohPatterns Archive: Elegant Towel Border
Free Patterns OnlineBorders
Valentine's Day: Hearts Towel
M'Lady Osanna's NeedleworkBee Band
Nancy Hearne DesignsHearts Towel
Nancy Spruance Designs Autumn Leaves Border
Bunnies border
Hearts Border
Iris Border
Jonquils Border
Singeries & Cie
Bunny Border
Turtle border
Bunny, Duck, and Teddy Borders
people, clover borders
Tom Pudding DesignsSampler Band 1
Sampler Band 2
Sampler Band 3
Sampler Band 4
Sampler Band 5
Sampler Band 6
Sampler Band 7
Sampler Band 8
Windy Willows
Willows 2
Little Roses
Blackwork Borders
Host SiteFreebie
Blackwork Embroidery ArchivesBorders
Leaf Borders
Floral Borders
Lace Borders
Flowers & Fruits
The Bronwen's Blackwork LibraryItalian Blackwork Patterns
German Blackwork Patterns
English Fillwork Patterns
M'Lady Osanna's Needlework Blackwork Band
Tom Pudding DesignsBlackwork border
Small Motifs
Host SiteFreebie
Agulha de Ouro
Coats Corrente(Portuguese)Small Animal Motifs (not bookmarks)
Boys Small Motifs
Kids Small Motifs
Country HobbyTeddy with Heart Motif
Craft Creations Issue 1: Duck motif
Issue 5: Jack in the Box motif
Issue 5: Spring Goose
Isssue 6 Summer Goose
Issue 7: Winter Goose
Issue 10: Dolphin motif
Issue 12: Christening Bear motif
Issue 16: Orca
Issue 21: Easter Cross
Issue 22: Beaded Clown motif
Issue 22: Mini motifs (butterflies & flowers)
(same company as
The Chart Shop)
animaux (animal small motifs)
Objects motifs
Fruits motifs
Divers motifs
Fleurs motifs
Dawn's Cross StitchSmall Motifs
De BreibrinkSmall Motifs
Die Tur zur Kreuzstichwelt
Small Motifs
DMC Creative World DMC club: Three Fish
Dunmani DesignsMotif Library
Ellen Maurer-StrohPatters for beginners: motifs
Free Patterns OnlineTeeny Tiny charts: motifs
Small motifs
Also Check PAGINA 2, 3, 4
Ginnie Thompson Flower ThreadSheep
Graphic GardenOld Designs motifs
Guia do Bebe (Portuguese)small motifs
Historical NeedlecraftsFlower Garden (blackwork small motifs)
Jean Farish Heart & Home Quick Motifs (water can)
For baby (bunnies)
Katy's Cross Stitching PageBunny
Kerry's KollectablesHunny jar
Little Duck
La Chatelaine DesignsAssissi Little Bird
Linen FlowersSmall Flower
Little AddictionsValentine Heart
Lizzie KateGarden Patch
New Arcobaleno
Small motifs
OffeFree designs
A Few Stitches Every Month
Quick & Easy Charts
motifs (Italian)Birds motif
Rainbow Gallery Summer's Done
San-Man Originals
Seasons (each section as a motif)
Bloomoing Seasons (each section as a motif)
StitchAlley.comAnimals: sa-069 (cow)
Animals: sa-135 (dolphin)
Animals: sa-138 (duck)
Miscellaneous: sa-016 (village schene)
Teddy Bears: sa-001 (bear)
The StitchworksCross motif of Christmas Crosses
The Sweetheart TreeLove Bird
Tom Pudding DesignsNautical motifs
Yarn TreeBear and Heart